Photo Contacts

A must have for every Pocket PC Phone user!

Photo Contacts PRO is the premier contact, ring tone, phone Profile, Call Filter and Photo Caller ID manager for your Pocket PC! It will completely personalize your mobile experience!

This fully featured contact manager lets you assign distinctive ring tones to contacts and contact categories on your Pocket PC Phone. Intelligently add photographs to your contacts then browse, create and edit your contacts with photographs utilizing the four intelligent contact browsing views. Photo Contacts PRO also lets you send email, SMS messages and share photos with other users.

Photo Contacts PRO lets you speed dial by simply tapping on a photograph - especially useful when you need to concentrate on other things!

During an incoming call, you will easily see who is calling you on the Pocket PC's screen before you choose to answer. Photo Contacts PRO features Full Screen Photo Caller ID and uses large text for caller id information.

With Photo Contacts PRO, assigning photos to contacts is easy! Assign photos on your Pocket PC using the intelligent photo crop engine, or with your desktop PC using our SmartNameTM technology.

Photo Contacts


Photo Contacts PRO 4.01